Ethical Winemaking

As winemakers, we play a small yet intrinsic part in a broader Australian agricultural community. It’s important to Field Day that we operate ethically, and consider the environmental, social and economic influence of our operations. We care about the process, and take every opportunity to improve how we do wine. This means when we grow and purchase fruit, produce wine and take it to market. It’s with the knowledge that many families depend upon our business for their work and livelihood, social identity, and purposeful connection to the Earth. It means sourcing fruit from a wide range of growers and regions, supporting a wider economic chain. It means paying these growers on time (it’s a thing!), treating our staff and customers with respect, and selecting suppliers whose values are aligned with our own.


On a planet with finite resources and seemingly infinite human wants and desires, Field Day Wine Co. takes the production of wine seriously. As a small business we are always open to new ideas and re-assessing our processes when new technology comes along to mitigate our impact on the earth. On our estate vineyards, we have a minimum input viticulture approach, while with our encouragement, many of our grape growers employ sustainable practices in their vineyards.

Vegan and non GMO Wines

All Colab & Bloom and Monterra wines are vegan. To classify as vegan wines, this means they are fined with plant based fining agents, rather than traditional dairy or fish byproducts. The result? All vegetarian and vegan friendly wines! We’re also pleased to say that none of our wines contain Genetically Modified (GMO) products.

Recycled and Considered Packaging 

When it comes to packaging, you’ll find our core range in an Australian made bottle that weighs in at 416 grams, versus an industry average 500 gram bottle. This 84g saving amounts to 52kg per pallet of wine shipped domestically or overseas, reducing our freight’s environmental impact. Our cardboard wine cartons are made from 100% recycled materials, and we are pleased to announce that from March 2023 all of our labels are made from 100% recycled material and compostable inks.