Field Day Wine Co

We started Field Day Wine Co. with pizza, a starting point for so many good things. Who doesn’t love pizza? Alongside my fellow winemakers and founders, Norm Doole and Mike Farmilo, we came together over lunch with an idea to make wines together.


Blending our knowledge of the best vineyards in the Adelaide Hills, McLaren Vale, and Southern Fleurieu with outstanding winemaking skills, our dreams came to life. Norm and Mike wanted to utilize the fruit from their home-block vineyards on Monterra Road near Kuitpo Forest and Seaview Road in McLaren Vale. Together, we aimed to source grapes from our network of premium growers developed over 50 years of winemaking.


We spend much of our time at Field Day Wine Co. tasting wines and matching the flavours of the vineyard to those of the kitchen. We are true believers that wine belongs with food, producing a variety of delicious wines that complement any dish. You will love the crisp and fresh Pinot Grigio paired beautifully with seafood or the Montepulciano offering an Italian-style experience with your favourite pizza and pasta. Who can go past the Aussie barbecue without a glass of much-loved Shiraz, with its smooth, plummy, chocolatey goodness?


Making wines for like-minded people who love exploring flavour and texture and all-round good times, we are serious about quality and just as serious about fun. Life is too short to drink bad wine.


Drinkability is super important to us, meaning delicious fruit flavours in every glass and an all-important balance between fruit, acid, and tannin. Wines that offer a full sensory experience where aromas and flavours collide with texture and mouthfeel. Balance comes from the vineyard, and Mike and Norm manage our vineyards in McLaren Vale and the Adelaide Hills with care.


- Cheers, Nick

Top Wineries Australia

This is a real feather in our cap:  Field Day's inclusion means we are in the top 18% of Australia’s 2,000-plus wineries. The Real Review tasted more than 10,000 wines from Australia and New Zealand during the past year to compile their lists. Our inclusion is recognition of our vision and hard work you’ve invested in producing fine wine and will help draw the world’s attention to the quality of Australia’s best wines. 

Mike Farmilo


Mike, a two-time winner of the Jimmy Watson Trophy for the best red wine in Australia, with over 30 years of winemaking swagger in McLaren Vale, he's not just a wine guru but an all-round nice guy. Mike's wine journey started at Roseworthy in 1977. His trophy cabinet began filling up at Angoves in the late '70s. Joining Seaview in the 1980s, he became the Group Red winemaker for Penfolds/Southcorp – the mastermind behind Grange, St Henri, Lindeman’s, Seppelt, Wynns, and Leo Buring. 

Nick Whiteway


Nick, our globetrotting wine enthusiast, spent 6 years in his late 30s sipping wines from around the world. Ask him his favorite wine, and he'll cheekily reply, "The next one I have." Nick's the creative force behind blending wines, inventing new styles, designing eye-popping labels, and infusing a serious dose of fun into Field Day. When he's not stirring up the pot with Norm or helping out in the kitchen, you'll catch him doing the dishes 
– a true team player!

Norm Doole


Meet Norm – the former Canadian investment banker turned grape whisperer with over 50 years of grape-growing wisdom. In our office kitchen, Norm's the culinary maestro, conjuring up fresh salads, slow-cooked meats, and drool-worthy barbecues that dance in harmony with our wines. Norm believes wine is best enjoyed with a table full of friends and something delicious to eat. Try our wines, and you'll be nodding in tasty agreement!


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