Colab and Bloom
Emerging Varietals from the finest South Australian vineyards

Fleurieu Winery of the Year 2021

Born in 2017 for the love of honest and utterly drinkable South Australian wine, Colab and Bloom cultivates community within the wine life cycle, fostering collaboration with skilled viticulturists that allows progressive wine styles and small family vineyards alike to succeed in symbiosis.

We’ll openly admit we’re nothing without our growers, happy to spend their days under the sun or deep within the rows, leaving the winemaking to us.

Colab and Bloom brings together growers and viticulturists, winemakers, local entrepreneurs and creatives. We work together to create something beautiful. Using this model, we support a variety of small businesses while gaining the vision and skill to bring world-class varietals to the front; the likes of Montepulciano, Nero D’Avola and Sangiovese that are only just gaining recognition in Australia. Our wines are honest, utterly drinkable and in keeping with the Mediterranean-inspired Australian diet and lifestyle: Grounded in nature.

Australian Wine Weekly

Australian Wine Weekly interviews our Co-Owner, Nick Whiteway.
They taste and dicuss our 2021 Tempranillo and 2020 Montepulciano.